Kilnbridge, our new official club sponsor for the 2017-2019 seasons, is a multi-disciplined construction and civil engineering company providing a portfolio of contracting solutions and construction services to the built environment.

County Board Draw Members for 2016/2017 Season:
[The numbers beside each Members name respresents their number for the county board draw each month]

61. Carmel McArdle
62. Fiachra McLoughlin
63. Orla Donnelly
64. Mattie Smith
65. Mick Rogers
66. John O’ Sullivan (Jnr)
67. Aidan Power
68. Cú Chulainns
69. Cú Chulainns
70. Padraig Biggane
71. Con O’ Riordan
72. Eddie Naughton
73. Cú Chulainns
74. Cú Chulainns
75. Cú Chulainns
76. Cú Chulainns
77. Cú Chulainns
78. Cú Chulainns
79. Cú Chulainns
80. Cú Chulainns